Mesum Abbas

Mesum Abbas, as he is known professionally, is a renowned Muslim artist who recites about the tragedies of the Prophet Muhammad’s family (Ahlulbayt).

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1Mazloom BetiPlay / Download
2Laboon Sey NIkalkarPlay / Download
3Bay Sheer Ka LashaPlay / Download
4Zainab Ujar GaeePlay / Download
5Ae Al QamaPlay / Download
6Bint-E-AliPlay / Download
7Rooz-E-MehsharPlay / Download
8ZuljinahPlay / Download

Mesum Abbas

Mesum Abbas Naqvi

‘Whoever recites a single verse of poetry about al-Husayn (AS), crying as a result and making ten other people cry, becomes deserving of Paradise and so do they.’ [Thawab al-A`amal, p. 110, no. 3]