Mesum Abbas

Mesum Abbas, as he is known professionally, is a renowned Muslim artist who recites about the tragedies of the Prophet Muhammad’s family (Ahlulbayt).


1 DUA E ALI (A.S) Play / Download
2 AYANA WALADI AKBARA (A.S) Play / Download
3 HUSSAIN O YA HUSSAIN A.S Play / Download
4 JUB HOKAY REHA QAID SAY  Play / Download
5 ABBAS MEER E LASHKARM (A.S) Play / Download
6 SHUKRIA BIBI Play / Download
7 Bay Sheer Ka Lasha Play / Download
8 ZULJANAH Play / Download
9 SAJJAD (A.S) NE DASYA (punjabi) Play / Download
10 Ya Habibi (a.s.) Ya Hussain (a.s.) Play / Download

Mesum Abbas Naqvi

Mesum Abbas Naqvi @ ODS Studios Karachi, Pakistan. Working on the upcoming Nauhay album for Muharram 2017.



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